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Please send your orders to We'll contact you to let you know about shipping fees. To give you an idea... in Germany, one or two CDs ship for about 1.45¤, more CDs or a shirt ship for 2.60¤, and an LP for 1.65¤. If the order is for another European country, shipping will rise to 3.70¤ – that's for up to four CDs.

Prices are on a sliding scale, please decide for yourself how much you can give. We donate all profits.


You can download all songs from the albums below for free if you click here: music

Kaleidoskop, Cover

Kaleidoskop (CD, 2019)
10-15 Euro

Poesie Album, Cover

Poesie Album – Die Früchte der Freund*innen des Zorns (CD, 2019)
12 Euro

fallen oder fliegen, Cover

fallen oder fliegen – falling or flying (CD & Vinyl, 2016)
CD 10-15 Euro
Vinyl 12-17 Euro

Unter unserer Haut, Cover

Unter unserer Haut – Underneath Our Skin (CD & vinyl, 2010)
Vinyl (double 10inch album) sold out!
CD 10-15Euro

Wie Antennen in den Himmel, Coverbild

Wie Antennen in den Himmel – Like Antennae To Heaven (CD, 2007)
Sold out!

Das Herz ist ein Muskel ..., Plattencover

Das Herz ist ein Muskel in der Größe einer Faust – The Heart is a Muscle in the Size of Your Fist (vinyl 7", 2005)
Sold out!

Zwischen Leben und Überleben, Coverbild

Zwischen Leben und Überleben – Between Life and Survival (CD, 2003)
Sold out!

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